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Activities for better connections

These free games and activities will make your zoom meetings, happy hours, and gatherings more fun.

2021-05-10 23_16_37-You're Invited_ Up C

Up CLose &


Challenge 1

Beautiful Landscape



The Game

Get to know you


Go to the

The Bingo Game Card Page

2021-05-10 23_15_46-You're Invited_ Up C

Up close &


Challenge 2

2021-05-10 23_25_17-You're Invited_ REBU

rebus challenge 1

2021-05-10 23_18_44-You're Invited Trivi

trivia 1

2021-05-10 23_18_13-You're Invited Trivi

ThinkS 1

The Game

rebus challenge 2

Marble Surface

Thinks 2

The Game

2021-06-07 22_59_01-Window.png

rebus challenge 3


Coming Soon

Want to connect quickly?
These games are just the beginning. Learn the science and secrets to how people cultivate trust, and develop meaningful relationships with anyone, regardless of their celebrity or status, from my New York Times bestseller You're Invited

New York Times bestseller & Wall Street Journal's Book of the Month

You're Invited

Regardless of what we want to accomplish, from growing your business, creating a great company culture, championing a social cause, or affecting your habits, we can’t do it alone. The people around you define your success (whatever that means for you) and they have the potential to change the course of your life.


That’s what You’re Invited is about: The most universal strategy for success is creating meaningful connections with those who can impact you, your life, and the things you care about. But how do you make those connections and build trust quickly? What do you do if you’re introverted or hate networking? 

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