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The Influencers Dinner

More than a decade ago, Jon Levy founded a secret dining experience with the intention of bonding and connecting industry leaders.  After more than 300 dinners, this community has become the gold standard for bringing together high-impact influencers from across every industry.

How It Works

Twelve guests from varying fields attend a private dining experience, during which they are not allowed to discuss their professional careers. The dinner has a communal design, where guests are guided in cooking their dinner together. Once seated and eating, guests take turns guessing what their fellow attendees do professionally. The participants are left in awe when they finally discover the achievements of their new friends.

Guests range from Nobel Laureates, Olympians, scientists, editors-in-chief, journalists, social media stars, and startup founders, to corporate executives, award winning TV/movie stars, photographers, artists, musicians, royalty, and even the guy who was the barking dog in “Who let the dogs out”.

An International Community Like No Other

Thousands of Members | Alumni   -   11 Locations | Cities   -   4 Countries   -   300+ Dinners Hosted

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