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As the business world moves toward hybrid and remote work, companies are relearning how to connect with customers, work as teams, create company culture, and attract and retain talent. Research has consistently shown employees and customers are driven by trust, connection, and belonging more than price or compensation alone. Unfortunately, these characteristics are not only hard to develop virtually, but naturally deteriorate. So what do we do about it?

"From his research and long experience, Jon is a master of building connections between people and enriching their lives in the process." ~ Eric Maskin, Nobel Laureate, Economics


By leveraging our deep understanding of the latest research, Jon, and the team of designers and scientists at Influence Labs, develop programs built on each organization's specific objectives, values and budget. Whether you are looking to create an exciting company culture, attract/retain talent, work more effectively as a team, increase sales, create a customer community, or support mental and emotional Health, we will train your people to foster deep and meaningful relationships, both virtually and in-person.


Our training is designed on the methods that we teach. Each session is fully interactive with activities, small group conversations, and games that demonstrate how human connection and trust work, and how to bring them to life both in person and virtually. Participants will not simply be spoken at, but instead will connect and bond with each other, facilitating development of company culture and community in the process.


Each training we develop is bespoke and completely customized in terms of number of sessions, format, topics, and intended results. 


Common formats include

  • Individual sessions: These are one off trainings on a specific topic generally lasting between 1-3 hours


  • Multi-Session: A training series is developed across multiple topics that culminate in a deep understanding and application of the material, or at times a project

  • Large Scale Training: A custom, multi-session training program, designed to support hundreds or thousands of people over time. This is a combination of either individual trainers working with groups or a mixture of custom pre-recorded videos with guided group activities.


Although training is completely customized, these topics are in high demand


    Company stock value, employee sick days, and profitability are all correlated to the level of trust in an organization. In fact, the greatest predictor of a team’s success is psychological safety, but trust is difficult to create at a distance and few organizations know how to be intentional about the way they interact. Learn the latest research and more importantly, how to apply it to create high performing teams and support a company culture that promotes a sense of belonging and connection, both in-person and across digital platforms.

    It’s fair to say that many people are overwhelmed with the amount of communication they have (Zoom, email, Slack, text messages, etc), and as a result it has become harder to get customers’ interest. So as sales and marketing professionals, how do we engage them in the hybrid business world? 

    The answer begins in understanding how our behavior and expectations shift between digital and in-person interactions, and learning what will garner our interest, trust, and desire to engage over the long term. 



What recent history has shown is that unless we are intentional about building relationships then for most of us they will deteriorate, especially when limited to digital interactions. 


Our training programs not only educate but bring the lessons to life through meaningful interactions, so that ideas are better absorbed, and participant relationships improve in the process.


Although programs are bespoke most companies have requested that their teams walk away with:

  • Understanding cutting edge behavioral science 

  • Immediately applicable techniques

  • Interactive games and activities that bring the lessons to life

  • Group discussions and training on how to make these interactions most effective

  • Post-training guides so that people can return to the ideas often

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