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Get to know you bingo

Get to know you bingo.png

Instructions for Get to Know You Bingo

The objective: Get bingo as many times as possible while honestly answering these prompts. 

  • There are a potential of 12 ways to get bingo

  • 5 rows, 5 columns, and the 2 diagonals

  • A box can be marked off if two people in the group have the same answer to a question, e.g. if two people have two children, the team can mark off that box. 

  • You will notice that as you discover more about the people around you, the tendency is to find them more interesting and like them more. 

  • Enjoy getting to know each other, and don’t take the bingo itself too seriously.


You're Invited: The Art of Science of Cultivating Influence

By Jon Levy

Available May 11, 2021  |  |  © Influencers, Inc. 2021

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