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What makes us influential?

In his latest TED talk, Jon shares the surprising science behind becoming Influential and how we can use this approach to elevate our status and  connect with the top industry leaders across our culture.


Jon Levy is a behavioral scientist and New York Times Best Selling author known for his work in trust, human connection, belonging, and influence. Jon specializes in applying the latest research to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement, and culture. His clients range from Fortune 500 brands, like Microsoft, Google, AB-InBev, and Samsung, to startups.


More than a decade ago, Jon founded The Influencers Dinner, a secret dining experience for industry leaders ranging from Nobel laureates, Olympians, celebrities, and executives, to artists, musicians, and even the Grammy winning voice of the bark from “Who Let the Dogs Out.” Guests cook dinner together, but can’t discuss their career or give their last name, and once seated to eat, they reveal who they are. Over time, these dinners developed into a community. With thousands of members, Influencers is the largest community of its type worldwide.


Jon’s second book, You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence, was released in 2021 to incredible fanfare quickly becoming a New York Times Best Seller, and was selected by the Wall Street Journal as a "Book of the Month". In it, he demonstrates the importance of human connection, trust and community to accomplishing what is most important to us.


In his free time, Jon works on outrageous projects. Among them spending a year traveling to all 7 continents, or to the world's greatest events (Grand Prix, Art Basel, Burning Man, Running of the Bulls, etc.) and barely surviving to tell the tale. These Adventures were chronicled in his first book: The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure




Jon’s work focuses on applying the latest research across neuroscience, behavioral economics, psychology, and biology to help people and companies succeed. Working with many of the fortune 500, Jon and the team at Influences, use these insights to develop custom programs, strategies, and products that engage their customers in previously unconsidered ways.

In his previous award winning book, The 2 AM Principle: Discover The Science of Adventure, Levy explored the science of living a fun adventurous life, and how to make it available to all of us. 


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